Creative Reality Pty Ltd

Creating a new reality

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Creative Reality provides consulting services for a wide range of computer, embedded and Internet technologies.


Current Work

Our current project is to provide the technical expertise behind a platform agnostic app ecosystem to enable the average user to quickly and easily write collaborative apps directly on their device. These apps work on phones and tablets (Android, IOS and Windows), laptops and desktops (Windows, Mac, Linux) and in the browser (HTML5).

This platform agnostic app ecosystem will have its own app-store; separate from Google, Apple and Microsoft app-stores. This is necessary as the same app runs on most devices and operating systems - unlike Android, IOS or Windows apps that only run on their respective operating systems.

Consider the simplicity, flexibility and power of the spreadsheet but applied to apps.

It only takes 5 minutes to write and deploy your own private messaging system or even a simple private social network - which you can immediately start using on most platforms.

App users can add in extra functionality or fix bugs when they need it - removing reliance on the app's original developer to eventually (if ever) do this work.

This system simplifies sharing data between apps on different devices while also providing easy access to web services and device hardware on local & remote devices. 

Unlike traditional systems, this is a peer/mesh system that is designed to run offline. As long as you can connect devices together, say using Bluetooth or local WiFi, the apps will collaborate. You don't need an Internet connection, but the Internet can also be used if available.

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